Web and Content Filtering

Cloud hosted content and

threat filter

Our web filtering service offers comprehensive content filtering and threat protection for all your networks. The cloud topology of this service is spread across multiple providers, ensuring a solid platform to control what your users can access online.

The purpose-built AI scanner can classify content in real-time as well as to detect threats encountered on the internet, such as phishing and malware domains.

CLEVER Artificial Intelligence

The internet is huge with more than 120,000 domains registered each day, making it impossible for human-controlled block lists to catch up with classifying websites and identifying potential malware or phishing attempts. This creates a major vulnerability in most filtering/security solutions.

Our web filtering service has an artificial intelligence engine, which classifies domains in real-time. When your users visit a domain, the domain is fetched, scanned, and classified immediately. The classification is then matched against your policy to determine if the user can access it.

Image-based analysis is used by the scanner which prevents phishing attempts, such as those which appear to be Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox login websites.

Guard against online threats

Protect your users and networks against command and control (botnet) attacks, malware, phishing, viruses, and other threats simply by applying our security policies.

Our web filtering service is the only provider in the industry using security threat analysis powered by A.I. and machine learning. This allows the service to keep the security threat data updated and pushed down to your networks in real-time, so you’re always safe and protected.

Web content filtering

Our web filtering service makes it easy to deploy comprehensive and customizable URL and internet content filtering policies in minutes.

With a click of a button you can categorize what type of websites you want to block – Adult Content, Gambling, Streaming Media, Chat & Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc. – our service will do it almost instantly. The algorithms that are in place intelligently create categories for these sites so you don’t have to maintain a list of domains that need approving or blocking.

The service also allows you to enforce Google SafeSearchYouTube restricted modes, and filtering avoidance domains which means that nothing slips through and therefore makes it a perfect solution for safeguarding schools or to protect your children at home.

Detailed reports

From a simple overview to the fine details of your network traffic and security, our easy-to-use analytics and reports allow you to clearly visualise usage patterns and top destinations across all of your networks.

Activity Reports – Get details and trends for the total number of requests, queries per second, most active networks, and top requests.

Security Threats Report – Quantify the level of protection you’re delivering to your networks and identify the source and frequency of attacks against your networks.

Billing Report – Estimate the costs of your network protection and content filtering with concrete numbers based on users.

Query Log – Full query log data for troubleshooting investigation, streaming in real-time.

Protect your network