Ransomware Virus AttacksWe have seen an increased outbreak of Ransomware Virus Attacks over the last few weeks and we have had a number of attempted attacks on our clients.

These viruses encrypt all the data on your network, rendering all your files unusable and demand a ransom fee to de-crypt all your data.

The common way of these Ransomware Virus Attacks getting through to your network are by gaining remote access through weak passwords or by email attachments;


Users with weak passwords are the most at risk. The hackers are attempting to connect to servers with remote access, and guessing common/generic usernames and passwords. We are recommending all customers change their pc login passwords immediately and avoid common passwords such as hello/welcome/login/password/123456. Please try to ensure any password you use don’t use common words, have numbers, capitals and special characters.

Email Attachments

The second most common method is through attachments on emails. The hackers send emails, which may appear genuine or normal, with virus attachments. The most common type are emails which appear to be delivery notes, voicemails from phones etc.

Here’s a link explaining what ransomware is;

Also Comparitech have some interesting stats about ransomware that you can find here;


If you have any concerns please email us at support@tc-itservices.com or call 01273 987926