Polycom phones sometimes come preconfigured – perhaps you have tried accessing the advanced settings on your pre-owned Polycom VVX 410 phone and notice that the administrator password has been locked to its previous owner or provider. This guide will show you the definitive way to reset your Polycom phone to factory default settings. (Please be advised that this guide applies to Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400, and 410 phones).

  • Step 1: Turn over the phone base and note down the 12-digit MAC address
  • Step 2: Ensure that the phone is turned on
  • Step 3: Press and hold the following numbers to reboot the phone: 0 1 3
  • Step 4: During reboot, the phone will prompt you with an option to interrupt the boot process, do this by pressing Cancel
  • Step 5: Press and hold the following numbers until you are prompted for an administrator password: 1 3 5
  • Step 6: Enter the 12-digit MAC address in lowercase

After a few moments, the phone will carry out the reset to factory default settings. The administrator password will then be set to the following: 456