resellers of BackupAssistDo you have a backup plan?

We are now partners and resellers of BackupAssist.  With BackupAssist you can survive cyber attacks, ransomware, natural disasters, hardware failures and user accidents. BackupAssist guides you to a clear path to recovery. Backups are essential and having the right solution in place is crucial. Your solution needs to be reliable, easy to use and quick to perform any urgent data restores.

There are two options to choose from with BackupAssist, please find below a summary of both;

BackupAssist Classic

Achieve cyber-resilience with BackupAssist Classic – the right backup for SMEs running Windows Server environments. Discover how easy it is to protect yourself from ever losing data or suffering lengthy downtime.  Here are some of the core features of BackupAssist Classic;

BackupAssist 365

Users often think that their Office 365 and cloud data is backed up.  While there is some level of a cloud recycle bin and a deleted items retention period for Email in Office 365 that is just not enough, in our opinion, and you will also need a reliable and secure cloud backup solution. Summary below;

These are the reasons why we have become resellers of BackupAssist and if you want anymore information please – Contact us