Today we are going to show you how to set up Automatic Replies (Out of Office) for Outlook. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below to create Automatic Replies for Outlook.

(This guide is applicable for Microsoft Outlook 2010 onwards)

Firstly, Click on to File in the top left-hand corner

And then click on to Automatic Replies

A window will open in the centre of the screen, in order to edit/type into it click on; ‘Send automatic replies’

Please note you can set a date and time range if you want but in this example we will not set one

Now you will be able to Type into both the Inside & Outside of the organisation tabs.

I have already filled out an example of inside, please note you will need to fill out the inside section REGARDLESS whether you going to use it or not, otherwise you wouldn’t be send automatic replies.

Once you have filled out you’re inside my organisation tab, click onto the outside my organisation. (If not look above)

Now you fill out your message to anyone, outside of the company who emails you.

When you are happy with it click ok.

Now you will see the Automatic Replies section has become highlighted, which means Automatic Replies will be sent to whoever emails you, until it is turned off.

Outlook will also display a banner for you when you are not in this menu. (See below)

To turn off Automatic replies click on ‘Turn Off’ under file OR on the banner above 

We hope that this has helped you add Automatic Replies to Outlook. Here are a number of other useful guides available on our blog.

Just visit to find them or visit Microsoft’s official article here.