In this case scenario, the aim is a simple solution to manage Android devices.

Here at TC-IT Services, our aim is to always find the most appropriate and relevant solutions for our customers and clients. Some example requirements is a locked-down tablet with a few apps that are accessible, no browser or access to settings.

The decision was made to go with esper.


It is a straightforward solution that meets our needs.

With their custom launcher, we can really lock down what can be accessed. Subsequently, their launcher will only display our chosen apps. In the setup, we chose the Esper DPC Launcher.

We can also lock down the settings menu and set a pin to it.
Thus we’re left with a locked-down Android device, with a few apps to open and launch.
Additionally, we have enabled a feature that we thought would be very useful for our client, it’s called Geofence.
This feature allows us to create an area where the devices will function. If the devices go outside of this area they are automatically locked.
In conclusion, the picture below shows the device has left the area and is locked, it can only be unlocked by an administrator or by returning to the catchment area.
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