Office UC

Please Note as of 1st May 2022 Office UC will be replaced with Cisco Webex, please refer to our blog posts

Office UC is the application to use with our provided telephone systems, communicate wherever you are.


Working from home has taken off especially with the COVID-19. To effectively work from home you need to be able to continue your work functions as normal. Customer queries, business talk, meetings, communications and more, telephones are a core need for any business.

By choosing us to support your telecoms we can provide an easy to use the app for when your staff need telephone access from home or on the go.

It’s a Telephone

A fully-fledged telephone where you need it when you need it. TC-IT have had great success using the apps when we had to work from home per government guidance. Additionally, we can use it to work from home on any ordinary day. Undoubtedly a useful feature is to separate your personal and work numbers, none of us want our clients to reach us on personal numbers at any time of the day… Therefore we phone them from our work numbers and keep our professionalism.

Personally I was amazed at how crystal clear the audio was over the Office UC app than for example Microsoft Teams chat. Amazingly, it’s much easier hearing and speaking to colleagues, customers and clients alike.

Why not contact us today to find out how you can streamline your telephone system?