Our New Office

29 March, 2021

~ Our New Address ~


Lyell House
Davey’s Lane

Duration: 1 month
Origin: Newhaven
Destination: Lewes

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Matthew Ford

“Finally after 8 years of hard work, sweat and tears I have my own office. The extra space here is also very lovely.”

Andrew Russell

“There’s a lot of windows and it’s just so lovely having so much natural warm light. The views are also very beautiful.”

Lucy Ford


“It’s a huge upgrade and it’s great having our own kitchen without sharing.”

Chris McGinness

“The best thing is that it’s not in Newhaven! I never liked that bridge anyway.”

Salma Richardson

“It’s so nice having our own space, our own meeting rooms, a whole floor to run around while we concentrate on fixing IT problems. The soft carpet is a plus too.”

Corrupt Windows Backup Catalog

Corrupt Windows Backup Catalog

A little earlier in the week, we came across an issue with Windows Backup whereby you could not see the Windows Server backup activity. Of course, this did concern us as it looked as though the backups were not running. See below: After some digging, it turned out...

Using Different Fonts

Using Different Fonts

Using non-default fonts Give Yourself an Edge by Using Different FontsThere are endless choices for fonts. Trying a new one is easy and can breathe new life on your website, publications and more.One of my favourite places to find new fonts is Google Fonts. Sometimes...

Export and Import Saved Passwords in Chrome

Export and Import Saved Passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there that has been developed by Google for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.The Other Way Not everyone is keen on Google or handing all their data to them. Or they have never thought about linking...