Switch User… Other User… How do I sign into another Domain?.. Carefully type in the computer name, backslash, username then password, OK great I’m in!

Here’s a little hack


Use that instead of the full computer name and it automatically picks it up as the local computer.

Absolutely genius way to save some time and annoyance finding and typing the computer name!


Best way to login as a local user on Win 10.

Installing Office UC

Installing Office UC

Office UC is the application to use with our provided telephone systems, communicate wherever you are.  Working from home has taken off especially with the COVID-19. To effectively work from home you need to be able to continue your work functions as normal....

Partners and resellers of BackupAssist

Partners and resellers of BackupAssist

Do you have a backup plan? We are now partners and resellers of BackupAssist.  With BackupAssist you can survive cyber attacks, ransomware, natural disasters, hardware failures and user accidents. BackupAssist guides you to a clear path to recovery. Backups are...

Excel Blank Window Error

Yesterday one of our clients encountered a very annoying error in Microsoft Excel 2016, a blank window error. Admittedly there was no actual error message, but when you can't see any content it's quite an issue. While we were investigating the issue we found that any...

Spring Update from TC-IT Services

Wow, what a busy and crazy few weeks we have all had and it is terrible the current state of affairs with the Coronavirus pandemic.  We do hope all our customers, friends and colleagues are doing their best to stay safe and to keep well. For us, the last few weeks at...