So you have started up your PC and upon logging in, all you see is a black screen with no icons or anything. A black screen may occur for a number of different reasons on Windows 10; it could be a connection issue between your screen and your PC, a failed Windows Update or likely an issue with your graphics card driver. If you have already checked all external display connections and everything appears to be connected correctly, please take the following steps:

  • Switch on your PC and wait for the logon screen to appear
  • Once the logon screen appears, hold the Shift button on your keyboard and then using your mouse, left-click on the Power button and select Restart
  • A blue screen will come up with “Choose an option”, please click on Troubleshoot
  • On the next screen, press Advanced options
  • You will then need to select Start-up Settings and then click on Restart
  • Your PC will restart and you will have some further options. Please press the F4 button on your keyboard to enable Safe Mode

Then you need to sign into your PC as normal. At this stage, you will notice that you no longer have a black screen and your icons are back. But there are a few more steps to solve the issue:

  • Right-click on the Start button, located on the bottom-left of the screen
  • Select Device Manager from the list
  • Click on the arrow beside Display Adapters to expand the menu
  • Right-click on the display adapter listed there, select Uninstall and press OK
  • Restart your PC and this should resolve the problem.