Temp FilesOne simple way in which to help speed up your PC is to clear out the temporary files that build up over time.  You can use the Disk Clean Up Utility to do so.

  • Click start and then typing in disk cleanup in the search box.
  • Then go to Settings, and then go to Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files.
  • In the Drives list, select the drive that you want to clean up, and then choose OK.
  • In the dialogue box, on the Disk Clean-up tab, select the check boxes for the file types that you want to delete, then select OK.
  • In the message that appears, tap or click Delete files.

Another quick way to delete temporary files which I use is to click start and in the the search box type in %temp%.  This will bring up the Temporary Files Folder and you can simply select all files and choose delete (some files might not get deleted but most will.)