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Contacts and WebEx

Company and group contacts now filter through to the WebEx app. This can be delayed for the filtering through to the WebEx app, please allow up to 72 hours for these to fully pull through. We are aiming to have an improved refresh time provided by a Cisco fix later this year but are currently unable to confirm the date for improving the refresh time, which will come from a Cisco update.

Will call logs sync between handset and WebEx and vice versa?

Unified call history will be available in future updates, no current date set, and some call logs do currently filter.

Team Telephony and Busy Lamp Fields

Team telephony option is not directly replicated in WebEx, User Presence is available through WebEx, and works through the spaces system

Can you use username instead of email?

As part of the change, it will switch over to being an email login – this is not able to be changed to the username.

Can WebEx remember the login details?

You can set it to launch with the computer, and will automatically login, but we cannot set it to remember the login details once logged out.

Integration with Teams

If you are a Microsoft Teams user, you can add it to Microsoft Teams and then you will be able to make and receive audio and video calls using your WHC with WebEx service.

Will it work with all mobile devices?

The App works in line with minimum requires and access to correct App Store access (This can be an issue for Huawei devices not able to access the google play store)- For minimum requirements, Android it Is version Oreo 8.0, for iOS it is 13.7 minimum

Can you use click-to-dial?

WebEx can be utilised alongside Go Integrator in the same way Office UC can currently to gain the functions of click to dial.

Which App do we download?

The app we use is listed on the App store purely as WebEx – without and specific additional names. (Not business or anything of similar conduct) – a screenshot of this is shared in the presentation.

What is the Office UC like for like?

WebEx basic is the like for like for the Office UC Business offering, WebEx Standard is in line with the Office UC Team – with the premium version adding a further functionality with its licence beyond this.

Do we have limits on the number of personal contacts?

Contact limit on the HV.Select platform is currently 1,000 contacts for Group contacts and 500 for Personal contacts. Adding contacts directly onto the WebEx app may differ to this limit.

Does it work with my deskphone?

Yes you can to send calls to your deskphone however, for answering your deskphone is via the physical phone itself.

How do I change the ring tone?

Go to Webex > Call Settings (at the bottom) > Notifications > Sound For Call Notificaitons (at the bottom again). Here you get a list to choose from.

When does Office UC stop working?

1st May 2022

Are there any addition costs?

No as it is a direct replacement

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