HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

What is HEIC? 

High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC)

HEIC is format used by default on photos on iOS 11 and higher for iPhone and iPad,

The format was designed and implemented to save storage space on your device but keeping the high-quality photos you expect from your iPhone. But with a big change like this you can expect a few compatibility issues that can cause issues viewing photos outside of Apple Products.

The Images are automatically converted when uploading to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

iOS 11 does have an inbuilt tool to automatically transfer photos and videos in a compatible format for Mac or PC users. Which you would expect should be as simple as plugging into a Windows machine but in most cases does not work as expected.

You can turn off the HEIC setting from your device so that it will automatically take photos in JPEG Format by following the steps below 

Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible

There is also a very simple and free tool that I recommend using if you ever get to the stage of having photos stuck in the HEIC format that you need to convert.



It a great free and easy to use website which allows you to convert up to 50 photos at one time and download it as a folder with all the photos converted in JPEG.



HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

Clicking on the Signature button causes Outlook to crash.

The signature causing outlook to crash

The signature button causing Outlook to crash is a problem than can be infuriating to deal with. It can interfere with your work and slow down your ability to get on with the day.

However, the signature causing Outlook to crash can often be resolved with a very simple fix.

So we thought we’d share.


First of all open the Start menu and select Settings.

Then go to Apps and select the Apps and Features sub-menu within.

The next step is to scroll down through the list until you find Microsoft Office Desktop Apps and then select it.

Once you’ve found it, Uninstall Microsoft Office Desktop Apps. Once it’s completed the uninstall, restart your computer.

Finally, once you’re logged back onto the computer, re-open Outlook and add the signatures. The signature should no longer be causing Outlook to crash.

This is a relatively common issue that faces windows users. It’s caused when you have originally installed the apps version of Microsoft office, then later installed the full version. Often this comes about due to the user getting a Microsoft subscription, but not exclusively.

A good tip for anyone installing the full version of Microsoft Office would be to check for the app version beforehand and uninstall it as needed.

Doing this would prevent this issue or any other potential issues creeping into the system as a consequence of the clash between these two versions.

For other solutions to your problems, please check our blog.


HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

No Internet Connection when using Chrome

Have you ever opened up Google Chrome and seen this come up?


We all know how infuriating that can be! However here at TC-IT services we’ve come up with a quick fix…just hit the space bar, or if your using a mobile device, press on the dinosaur…and see what happens.

A dinosaur game! Now it won’t fix your internet problems in anyway, but it will distract you from the lack of internet for a few minutes as you try and beat your high-score. Why not pass it round the office, or show your senior management team?

Of course when you realise you really can’t afford to spend your whole working day playing a dinosaur game, give TC-IT services a call and we’ll look into your problem for you!


HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

PC not turning on, Standby Power light blinking

Is your PC not turning on? Yesterday we were assembling a new ASUS PC. The power supply had all the relevant components connected to it, however, when turning on the power switch, nothing happened! There was only a faint blinking from the standby power (SB PWR) switch, shown below:

PC not turning onPC not turning on

We then disconnected all components that are not necessary for booting the PC from the motherboard, so we just had the basic things connected to the power. Alas, we still had the same problem.

After trawling through many tech blogs we could not find the answer to the solution..there was talk of the motherboard not receiving enough power, and that something connected to it was causing it to short circuit. However we only had the necessary things attached to the power source (motherboard, pwr switch and CPU fan) so we couldn’t see what was causing the problem.

We then noticed that the motherboard didn’t have stand off screws. The motherboard was screwed directly into the base unit, causing the screws to conduct electricity from the power source – causing the motherboard to short circuit. Applying the stand off screws to the motherboard ensures isolation from the base unit and decreases the chance of short circuiting.

A quick resolution to this problem is to check that your motherboard has stand off screws.

PC not turning on




HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

ESET Partner and Reseller

ESET Partner and ResellerWe are please to announce that we are an authorised ESET Partner and Reseller.  As you may already know ESET provide a range of security products for all devices and platforms.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions about the following services;

  • Cloud AntiVirus and Secuirty
  • Web Filtering
  • Full disk, file/folder and email encryption
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation
HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

Ransomware Virus Attacks

Ransomware Virus AttacksWe have seen an increased outbreak of Ransomware Virus Attacks over the last few weeks and we have had a number of attempted attacks on our clients.

These viruses encrypt all the data on your network, rendering all your files unusable and demand a ransom fee to de-crypt all your data.

The common way of these Ransomware Virus Attacks getting through to your network are by gaining remote access through weak passwords or by email attachments;


Users with weak passwords are the most at risk. The hackers are attempting to connect to servers with remote access, and guessing common/generic usernames and passwords. We are recommending all customers change their pc login passwords immediately and avoid common passwords such as hello/welcome/login/password/123456. Please try to ensure any password you use don’t use common words, have numbers, capitals and special characters.

Email Attachments

The second most common method is through attachments on emails. The hackers send emails, which may appear genuine or normal, with virus attachments. The most common type are emails which appear to be delivery notes, voicemails from phones etc.

Here’s a link explaining what ransomware is;

Also Comparitech have some interesting stats about ransomware that you can find here;


If you have any concerns please email us at support@tc-itservices.com or call 01273 987926