Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium

Microsoft 365: Business Standard or Business Premium

The key differences between Business Standard or Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium are two different subscription plans offered by Microsoft that cater to the needs of businesses. While both plans include essential productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, there are some key differences between the two.

One of the main differences between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the inclusion of additional advanced security features in the Premium plan. This includes features such as Advanced Threat Protection, which helps protect against sophisticated cyber threats, and Information Protection, which allows businesses to control and secure their sensitive data.

Another difference is the inclusion of additional management and compliance features in the Premium plan. This includes features such as Data Loss Prevention, which helps prevent accidental sharing of sensitive information, and eDiscovery, which helps businesses manage and search through their data for legal and compliance purposes.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium also gives you access to Intune and other device controls.

In terms of pricing, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is priced higher than Microsoft 365 Business Standard due to the additional security and management features included in the plan. Businesses that require advanced security and compliance features may find the Premium plan to be worth the extra cost, while those who only need basic productivity tools may opt for the Standard plan instead.


Here is some further information

More information on the full feature set and pricing of Microsoft 365 Business Standard can be found here

More information on the full feature set and pricing of Microsoft 365 Business Premium can be found here



We feel that Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the right choice to ensure your business is as secure as it can be.

If you are still unsure or want to know more, please feel free to get in touch.


Business Standard or Business Premium
Secure your Microsoft 365 account

Secure your Microsoft 365 account

Enhance the security of your Microsft 365 account

Secure your Microsoft 365 account by enabling MFA

Using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to secure your Microsoft 365 account account is crucial for enhancing the security of your account. Here are some reasons why you should be using MFA:

1. Enhanced Security: MFA provides an additional layer of security beyond just a username and password. It requires a second form of verification, such as a fingerprint, face scan, or a unique code sent to your mobile device, making it more challenging for unauthorised individuals to gain access to your account.

2. Protection Against Password Breaches: Password breaches are becoming increasingly common, and if your Microsoft 365 account password gets compromised, MFA can prevent unauthorised access. Even if someone knows your password, they would still need the additional verification method to gain entry, making your account more secure.

3. Prevents Unauthorized Access: MFA can help protect your account in case someone attempts to gain access from an unfamiliar location or device. If MFA is enabled, you will be prompted to provide the secondary verification, and any unauthorised attempts will be blocked.

4. Compliance Requirements: Many organizations have compliance requirements that mandate the use of MFA for sensitive accounts, particularly for data protection and privacy laws. By using MFA to secure your Microsoft 365 account, you ensure your organization is meeting these requirements and protecting sensitive data.

5. Protects Against Phishing Attacks: Phishing attacks are common methods used to trick users into revealing their login credentials. With MFA, even if you unknowingly fall victim to a phishing attack and provide your password, the attackers will still need the second form of verification, protecting your account from unauthorised access.

6. Peace of Mind: By enabling MFA to secure your Microsoft 365 account, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have taken an important step towards securing your Microsoft 365 account. It adds an extra layer of protection to your sensitive data and helps ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your information.



Overall, enabling MFA for your Microsoft 365 account is a simple yet highly effective way to enhance security and protect your data from unauthorised access. It is a best practice widely recommended by security experts and an essential step towards safeguarding your account and critical information.

We suggest using the Microsoft Authenticator app for use with MFA, you can find out more information here:

If you need any help with us please contact us via the link below.


Accessibility Features in Windows 11

Accessibility Features in Windows 11

Discover the Game-Changing Accessibility Features in Windows 11


We work with many schools and schools that have students with special educational needs (SEN).

Technology plays a pivotal role in connecting these students and opening up new possibilities. Microsoft understands the importance of inclusivity and has made significant strides in enhancing accessibility in its operating systems. With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft empowers individuals of all abilities with the accessibility features in Windows 11.

In this blog post, we will explore the game-changing accessibility features in Windows 11, ensuring a seamless computing experience for everyone.

Enhanced Ease of Access Center:

Windows 11 brings improvements to the Ease of Access Center, making it easier than ever to customize settings and cater to unique accessibility needs. Users can quickly access options such as text scaling, visual modifications, and colour filters through a centralized hub. This streamlined approach ensures that personalized adjustments are just a few clicks away, redefining the user experience for those with vision or hearing impairments.

Advanced Screen Reader:

Windows 11 introduces a next-generation screen reader called Narrator, enriched with enhanced performance and updated user controls. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this feature enables individuals with visual impairments to navigate the operating system effortlessly. Narrator offers improved reliability, support for braille displays, and a more natural reading experience, equipping users with the tools they need for increased productivity and independence.

Voice Typing and Dictation:

Windows 11 incorporates advanced voice typing and dictation capabilities, making content creation and communication more accessible for individuals with limited mobility or dexterity. With just their voice, users can effortlessly compose emails, documents, or even engage in chat conversations. The intuitive voice recognition technology within Windows 11 fosters inclusivity, allowing individuals to express themselves with ease.

Color Filters and Contrast Options:

Recognizing the diverse visual acuity needs of users, Windows 11 introduces an array of colour filters and contrast options. These features allow users to adjust and customize their display settings, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain. Whether it’s reducing screen brightness, changing colour saturation, or modifying colour schemes, Windows 11 offers a multitude of options to optimize the visuals for each user’s unique needs.

Eye Control:

Windows 11 takes accessibility to the next level with the integration of eye control technology. Individuals with severe mobility limitations can now navigate the interface and control the mouse cursor using just their eyes, thanks to eye-tracking devices. This groundbreaking feature enables users to operate their devices hands-free, empowering them to interact with Windows 11 effortlessly.


Windows 11 signifies Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to accessibility, empowering individuals with disabilities to unlock their full potential in the digital world. With enhancements in Ease of Access Center, next-generation screen reader, voice typing, colour filters, and eye control options, Windows 11 ensures a more inclusive and intuitive computing experience. By prioritizing accessibility features, Microsoft strives to bridge gaps, foster inclusivity, and provide equal access to technology for all.

Windows 11 is not only a game-changer for accessibility but also reflects a significant step forward in our collective journey towards a more inclusive future.

Further information about the accessibility features in Windows 11 can be found on the Microsoft website:

To find out more about this or about what we do, please let us know.

How to Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed

How to Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed

How to Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed

Using this guide people can learn how to keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed and continue using their laptop with external monitors when the laptop lid (screen) is closed.

1. Right-click the Start button and select “Settings.”

Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed

2. In Settings, click the search bar and type “lid,” then click the “Change what closing the lid does” result that appears beneath it.

Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed

A “System Settings” window will open (this is part of Control Panel, which is the legacy setup program for Windows.) Under “Power and sleep buttons and lid settings,” you’ll see several options that let you choose what happens when you press the power or sleep buttons on your device.

Near the bottom, you’ll see “When I Close the Lid.” If you want your laptop to stay awake while not plugged in (and on battery power only), choose “Do Nothing” under the “On Battery” column. If you want your laptop to stay awake with the lid closed only while plugged in, use the drop-down menu in the “Plugged In” column and select “Do Nothing.”

If you allow your laptop to stay powered on with the lid closed while on battery power, you may accidentally run down your battery without realizing it, so be careful.

Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed

After that, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the window.

Keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed


Now you successfully know how to keep a Windows Laptop Awake with the Lid Closed. If you need any help you can always contact us

Being An Apprentice At TC-IT

Being An Apprentice At TC-IT

my first 6 Months as an Apprentice.


The journey of an apprentice is a thrilling adventure filled with challenges, growth, and invaluable experiences. As I reflect upon my first six months at TC-IT, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the road ahead.

Why I Chose to Be an Apprentice

Becoming an apprentice was a deliberate choice driven by my desire for hands-on experiences and the opportunity to learn directly from experts in the field. The fact that I could earn while learning made it even more enticing.

First Impressions

My initial impressions of my colleagues and mentors were inspiring. The team at TC-IT exemplified hard work, and despite our growing size, we managed to accomplish a high workload. I was genuinely impressed.


Apprentice At TC-IT


Achievements and Milestones

Reflecting on my first six months, I can’t help but feel a sense of achievement. Completing significant projects such as setting up a school with CCTV or setting up an entire ICT Suite with brand new computers. Even mastering seemingly small tasks like terminating a network cable and punching down procedures has boosted my confidence and skills.


In just six months, my apprenticeship at TC-IT has been a transformative experience. It has provided me with knowledge, skills, and mentorship that are truly priceless. I’m excited about the future and am deeply grateful for the support and opportunities I’ve received thus far. As my apprenticeship journey continues, I eagerly look forward to sharing more insights and lessons with all of you. I highly recommend an Apprenticeship.

The company we use is Vocate Training

Apprentice At TC-IT

The Learning Curve

One of the key skills I had to adapt to during my apprenticeship was the ability to think on my feet. At times, the answers didn’t come to me immediately, but I learned to take a step back, think about the problem for 5-10 minutes, often found a solution. This is a skill I am continually honing, I’m determined to get even better at. The support from my company has been unwavering. Whenever something seemed difficult, my colleagues were always there to explain.

Mentorship and Guidance

Being at TC-IT means being surrounded by experts that possess a wealth of knowledge and offer invaluable guidance. Their influence on my professional growth has been immeasurable. I find myself learning something new every single day. It’s an environment that fosters growth and encourages asking questions.

Hands-On Projects

During my apprenticeship, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in numerous hands-on projects. One area where I’ve gained significant experience is in onboarding new clients. This has allowed me to become intimately familiar with networking, whether it’s hands-on network setup or configuring switches for various V-Lans.

Challenges Faced

Every day as an apprentice comes with its share of challenges. Initially, the biggest challenge for me was understanding our system and how things worked. Once I grasped the fundamentals, I became more self-reliant and confident in tackling tasks. These mini challenges are an integral part of the learning process, and each one has made me better equipped to handle the next.

Apprentice At TC-IT
How to improve the cyber security of your business

How to improve the cyber security of your business

How to improve the cyber security of your business

I haven’t been attacked or targeted

Why should I improve my cyber security?

Unfortunately, it is not a case of ‘if’ you get attacked but, when. As 80% of businesses are attacked on a daily basis, these attackers send their scams more often, far & wide. We are all targets, they want your money and they will do anything to get it.

Do not get caught out, see our tips below on how to make your business more secure. Prevention is far more cost-effective, than acting after an attack, and will save you time in the long run.

If you have been caught and have lost money, do not be ashamed. Report to your bank and  Action Fraud as soon as possible.

Use passphrases, not passwords

Passwords are often easily guessed, computer brute force passwords and we find that users often use the same password for many websites, platforms or computer logons. This means if your password has been compromised for one website, all of your data could be at risk.

A Passphrase is easier to remember and takes much longer for a computer to guess. However, you can make it even harder by ensuring that it is 12 characters long and must include numbers, and special characters (For example ! or ?) plus upper and lower case characters.

DinoPass and PassWordGenerator are useful websites that you can use to help you make your own unique passwords. As you should make it for yourself so you can remember it and if the website does get compromised you won’t be at risk.

We also suggest that you use a password manager/vault like 1password or Bitwarden to store all your passwords safely.

2 Step Verification

Password/Passphrase alone is not enough anymore, almost all online services offer or require 2-step verification(Also known as 2FA & MFA).

If you are using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for your business email and cloud services, MFA can be enforced at an admin level meaning that all your users will have to set it up.

There are a lot of free authenticator apps out there and these are some of the ones we recommend:

Google Authenticator, Authy and Mircosoft Authenticator – please see our guide here 

Be more diligent

When receiving emails/texts/calls take 5 mins to check the following;

  • Always check the sender or the number as it is normally different from the main business number/email address
  • Hover over the link to see where it take
  • Is it addressed to you? Normally scams are very generic
  • Are there spelling or grammar errors?
  • Does the format of the message look odd or out of place?
  • If it has an attachment, is it something you are expecting? Does the name of the file look right?
  • When in doubt, do not reply or click on any link. Ask someone else to have a look at the message and call the company from the number off their website NOT from the message you received

Additional Protection

For businesses, we strongly recommend our Spam filter service which stops email attacks before they hit end user’s mailboxes. You also need a good, paid Anti-Virus solution – we resell ESET and BITDEFENDER.

Backups are so important!

Keep an offline backup of your data, you can purchase an external hard drive, backup your files onto it and then disconnect when not in use. This means that your data is protected when offline/not connected to your pc which prevents attacks (Ransomware normally).

We can set up cloud backups of your data and servers plus have hot-spare copies of your servers ready if a total disaster happens. Our backup services start from as little as £10 + VAT, per month.

If you are not sure want you need or would like some help you can always contact us and we will be happy to quote you on a solution and give you a cyber security checkup.