Installing Cisco Webex

Installing Cisco Webex

Cisco webex

Cisco Webex is the successor to the Office UC application with our provided telephone systems.

Cisco Webex allows you to speak to whoever, wherever, whenever.

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No deskphone? No problem.

Cisco Webex is the successor to the Office UC application, this will be the application that is supplied as part of our VoIP telephone services.

Customer queries, business talk, meetings, communications and more, telephones are a core need for any business.

By choosing us to support your telecoms, we can provide an easy-to-use app for you and your employees that need telephone access at home or on the go.

See download links below, if one doesn’t work for example;

I downloaded Windows one but says it cannot run this PC.
Try the Windows 32bit

Make calls easy

Have a deskphone as well? You can send calls to your desk phone as well! Just go to the keypad and change your device.

The app is a fully-fledged phone where you need it when you need it. TC-IT have had great success using the apps when we had to work from home or when out and about. It is a great option if you don’t want to use a deskphone at all. Undoubtedly, a useful feature is to separate your personal and work numbers, none of us want our clients to reach us on our personal numbers at any time of the day… Therefore, we phone them from our work numbers and keep our professionalism.

Personally, we love the new app as it replaces both Office UC and GoIntegrator. It is easy to use, simplistic in design and is much easier hearing and speaking with colleagues and clients alike.

Contact us today to find out how you can streamline your telephone system.