Running low on space? Use Disk Clean-up

Running low on space? Use Disk Clean-up

Did you know that running your computer with a full hard drive can slow down your machine considerably? This is where disk clean-up comes in.

Disk Clean-Up

The disk clean-up utility which comes built-in into the Windows operating system will only delete temporary, cache, and log files created over time by the operating system as well other programs installed onto the computer.

Disk Clean-Up

The good news is that disk clean-up does not delete documents, programs or any other type of file that the computer needs. This makes it a very easy and safe way to free up some space on your hard drive. It is very important that there is always some disk space free as Windows updates sometimes will require more resources to be installed.

To run it, please follow the list below:

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type disk clean-up. When it comes up, right-click it and select run as administrator.
  2. It will ask you which drive to clean.
  3. It will begin to identify which files need to be removed.
  4. A window will pop asking what you want to be deleted. A lot of the items will be automatically selected for deletion.
  5. Once the items have been selected, press ok. The program will then start to delete all the unnecessary files.

This method should help you to save a little bit of space every so often.

More information can be found on Microsoft’s website: HERE


Corrupt Windows Backup Catalog

Corrupt Windows Backup Catalog

A little earlier in the week, we came across an issue with Windows Backup whereby you could not see the Windows Server backup activity. Of course, this did concern us as it looked as though the backups were not running. See below:

corrupt windows server backup

After some digging, it turned out that the backup schedule was still in place and the backups were in fact still running.

Looking a little further into the issue, it transpired that it was the backup catalog that had become corrupt. The catalog is what stores information about your backup, such as the volumes being backed up and where they are located. When this becomes corrupt, you can no longer see information of the last backups that have run in the activity screen.

To fix the corrupt Windows Backup Catalog, please follow these steps below:

*Please note that by following these steps, you will delete the Corrupt Windows Server Backup Catalog. It is recommended that you reconfigure any backups following these steps.*


Fix Corrupt Windows Server Backup Catalog


  • Firstly, click on the Windows button on the bottom left of your screen


  • Then start typing: Command Prompt

corrupt windows server backup

  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator

corrupt windows server backup


  • Copy and paste the following command:
    wbadmin delete catalog [-quiet]

  • Then press Enter / Return on your keyboard


When you next open Windows Server Backup, you will then see all those backups that have in fact been running all along!


We hope that this has helped you. Here are a number of other useful guides available on our blog.

Just visit to find them or visit Microsoft’s official article here


HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

HEIC Format iOS iPhone & iPad

What is HEIC? 

High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC)

HEIC is format used by default on photos on iOS 11 and higher for iPhone and iPad,

The format was designed and implemented to save storage space on your device but keeping the high-quality photos you expect from your iPhone. But with a big change like this you can expect a few compatibility issues that can cause issues viewing photos outside of Apple Products.

The Images are automatically converted when uploading to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

iOS 11 does have an inbuilt tool to automatically transfer photos and videos in a compatible format for Mac or PC users. Which you would expect should be as simple as plugging into a Windows machine but in most cases does not work as expected.

You can turn off the HEIC setting from your device so that it will automatically take photos in JPEG Format by following the steps below 

Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible

There is also a very simple and free tool that I recommend using if you ever get to the stage of having photos stuck in the HEIC format that you need to convert.


It a great free and easy to use website which allows you to convert up to 50 photos at one time and download it as a folder with all the photos converted in JPEG.



Automatic Replies (Out of Office) for Outlook

Today we are going to show you how to set up Automatic Replies (Out of Office) for Outlook. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below to create Automatic Replies for Outlook.

(This guide is applicable for Microsoft Outlook 2010 onwards)

Firstly, Click on to File in the top left-hand corner

And then click on to Automatic Replies

A window will open in the centre of the screen, in order to edit/type into it click on; ‘Send automatic replies’

Please note you can set a date and time range if you want but in this example we will not set one

Now you will be able to Type into both the Inside & Outside of the organisation tabs.

I have already filled out an example of inside, please note you will need to fill out the inside section REGARDLESS whether you going to use it or not, otherwise you wouldn’t be send automatic replies.

Once you have filled out you’re inside my organisation tab, click onto the outside my organisation. (If not look above)

Now you fill out your message to anyone, outside of the company who emails you.

When you are happy with it click ok.

Now you will see the Automatic Replies section has become highlighted, which means Automatic Replies will be sent to whoever emails you, until it is turned off.

Outlook will also display a banner for you when you are not in this menu. (See below)

To turn off Automatic replies click on ‘Turn Off’ under file OR on the banner above 

We hope that this has helped you add Automatic Replies to Outlook. Here are a number of other useful guides available on our blog.

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Microsoft Authorised Education Partner

TC-IT Services are very pleased to announce that we have become a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner (AEP). This means that we will be able to offer a vast range of Microsoft Office 365 products and services tailored to your school, academy or other educational instituation.

There are so many benefits of moving your school to Office 365. Firstly, the standard Office 365 Education packages are completely free of charge. This gives you business-class email, contacts and calendars, as well as cloud file storage with OneDrive/SharePoint and collaboration tools to increase productivity.

As a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner, we can provision your insititution’s Office 365 portal, managing your product and service licensing, taking out all of the administrative headache from you.

Here are some of the main products and services that come bundled free of charge with the standard package:

  • Business Class Email with 50 GB mailbox capacity
  • Web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook 
  • Unlimited personal cloud storage
  • Inform and engage with communication team sites throughout your intranet using SharePoint 
  • Microsoft Teams, a digital hub that integrates the conversations, content, and apps your school needs to be more collaborative and engaged 
  • Self-grading quizzes with Forms 
  • Digital storytelling with Sway 
  • Rights management, data loss prevention, and encryption 
  • Plan schedules and daily tasks with Microsoft Teams 
  • HD video conferencing with Skype for Business
  • Advanced email with archiving

If you would like to speak to one of our Microsoft Authorised Education Partner (AEP) specialists, please contact us.

Click here to view our Microsoft AEP Certificate

Also, please visit the Microsoft website for more information: Office 365 Education Plans