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File Explorer Slow Searching

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One of our customers recently experienced issues when searching for files in File Explorer. When searching for files and folders, it was unusually slow. Here is a quick solution to resolve any slow searching issues: Steps To Resolve Slow Searching In File Explorer Open File Explorer from the taskbar at … Read More

Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Interference

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Wireless keyboard and mouse interference can result in lag. While working on your laptop or computer, you may find that your wireless keyboard and mouse become unresponsive, stuttery and laggy. This can be very infuriating, but here are some steps to help resolve the problem. A common cause of wireless … Read More

Export Google Chrome Passwords To CSV

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Looking how to export your Google Chrome passwords? Here’s how. After using Google Chrome for a while, no doubt you will save your passwords on the websites you frequently visit. Should you find the need to make a note of these saved passwords, Google Chrome introduced a feature to allow … Read More

Apple Music App Disappeared From iPhone

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Struggling to find your Apple Music app on your iPhone home screen? Try not to panic. A number of users have noticed that stock Apple apps have disappeared with the iOS 10 update. The iOS 10 update allows built-in applications to be deleted, although, it is possible that the app … Read More

Cannot Close Or Force Quit Items on Mac Dock

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Has one of your programs crashed on your Mac and after trying to close or force quit the program, is it just not closing? It is likely that your Mac Dock has stopped responding. Please follow the steps below to relaunch your Mac Dock: Click to the Spotlight Search located … Read More

You’ve been signed in with a temporary profile

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Have you just logged into your PC and received the following notification: “You’ve been signed in with a temporary profile”? This message can be a little disconcerting, as you may have noticed that all your shortcuts, documents and files are missing. However, do not fret because with a few simple … Read More

File Explorer Crashing Windows 10

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We all use File Explorer on our PCs to browse our files and folders to carry out our daily tasks. It gives us fundamental access to our documents and files on our computers and we heavily depend on it everyday. We have spotted a recurring issue within Windows 10 whereby … Read More

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