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Cannot Close Or Force Quit Items on Mac Dock

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mac dockHas one of your programs crashed on your Mac and after trying to close or force quit the program, is it just not closing? It is likely that your Mac Dock has stopped responding.

Please follow the steps below to relaunch your Mac Dock:
  • Click to the Spotlight Search located on the top-right of your screen
  • Type in terminal
  • Double-click on Terminal to open
  • Right-click and Copy the following command:

killall Dock

  • Right-click and Paste the command in Terminal
  • Press Enter on your keyboard

The Mac Dock will then disappear and reappear. You should then be able to open your program again.

  • Here is an alternative command that you can copy and paste into Terminal:

sudo killall launchservicesd

  • Then press Enter and Paste the following command:

sudo killall Dock

  • And press Enter again

This will again relaunch the dock and resolve your application crashing issue.




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