apple musicStruggling to find your Apple Music app on your iPhone home screen? Try not to panic. A number of users have noticed that stock Apple apps have disappeared with the iOS 10 update. The iOS 10 update allows built-in applications to be deleted, although, it is possible that the app has become hidden rather than deleted. In any case, please follow the steps below to get the Apple Music app or one of the other stock Apple apps back:

Instructions to get back your missing app:
  • On your iPhone, open the App Store
  • Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen
  • In the search bar, type in and search for Apple Music
  • You should see the app in the list. Tap the cloud download button
  • The app will download almost instantly

Once the app has been downloaded, you will notice that is has returned back onto the home screen. You can then open the app as normal.