2TB Partition Size Limit in Windows

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The other day I was trying to install Windows Server on a 5TB disk array and I wanted to create one large 5TB partition.  When selecting the 5TB volume Windows always created a 2TB partition and would not create anything bigger. To fix this 2TB partition limit you can do … Read More

USB Device Not Recognised in Windows

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USB devices are used on every single PC, they are a fundamental method of how we interact with a machine. Everyday we use a mouse and keyboard, maybe use a memory stick or even connect a phone charger to our PC. We use USB devices so often and become dependent … Read More

Can ping a computer but not browse to it

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I came across a strange error the other day whereby computer1 was able to ping computer2 but computer1 could not browse to it.  I tried various things on both computers, disabling anti virus and firewalls but could not get them to communicate properly.  In the end, and after some research, … Read More

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