Ransomware Virus Attacks

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We have seen an increased outbreak of Ransomware Virus Attacks over the last few weeks and we have had a number of attempted attacks on our clients. These viruses encrypt all the data on your network, rendering all your files unusable and demand a ransom fee to de-crypt all your … Read More

How To Get My Computer Back

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Do you remember that icon that always sat on the top-left corner of your computer screen? That’s right, the shortcut on your desktop that you clicked on and used to navigate almost anywhere on your PC. I am sure you remember it, we have all used “My Computer” before. Unfortunately, … Read More

Polycom VVX 410 Phone To Factory Default

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  Polycom phones sometimes come preconfigured – perhaps you have tried accessing the advanced settings on your pre-owned Polycom VVX 410 phone and notice that the administrator password has been locked to its previous owner or provider. This guide will show you the definitive way to reset your Polycom phone … Read More

Virgin Media SuperHub blocking VPN

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If you are using a Virgin Media SuperHub and need to setup an outbound VPN connection you will find out that it doesn’t work as VPN traffic is disabled by default on these routers. To enable VPN you will need to logon to your Virgin Media SuperHub and do the … Read More

Set Google As Default On Edge Browser

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You’re new to Windows 10 and you want to browse the web, so you open up the new browser “Microsoft Edge”. You may or may not have noticed that Microsoft tends to suggest using Microsoft things… One example of this is Bing. For instance, you might start typing in the web address bar, click Enter … Read More

Secure Multiple PDF Files

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You may have done a lot of searching on this subject but have not yet found one simple solution. Password protecting or securing one PDF file is easy enough using Adobe Acrobat, if you know where to look. However, you may have found yourself in need of securing more than … Read More

Why is my PC running slowly

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When you open any program on a new PC, you generally find that within a split second, the program opens. Give your PC a few years and this is not always the case; you click on the same programs and find yourself waiting for what feels like eternity until the program finally … Read More

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